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Implementing strategic objectives depends on having the Right Resources in the Right place at the Right time. Our most important resource is our people. The RIT-AIR® process provides focused and effective leadership and team empowerment tools that will help you to get ordinary people to achieve extraordinary things

People are under valued as our greatest asset. You need practical tools to help you lead and motivate them. This book provides you with these tools and strategies.

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About the book

Maximise the Performance of your People

The concept of a Human Capital Management program has grown from the authors’ conviction that ‘PEOPLE are our greatest asset’ (and seemingly the least valued) in any company.

Current people management processes are often complex, misunderstood, improperly administered and seen as an imposition on scarce management time. Too often line management abdicates its responsibility to the Human Resources (HR) function in the company. It keeps the praise for team members and turns HR into people problem solvers!

In 2000, we decided to do something about this and created RIT- AIR® as a forward thinking usable process to help businesses develop 21st century people development programs. Getting the right people in the right place at the right time, and keeping them, is the greatest challenge of the first decade of this century.

Our greatest asset, our people, is the essential ingredient to help business owners, entrepreneurs and leaders to achieve the strategic objectives that they have set for themselves and their businesses. Additionally, there is a significant change in the way people of various generations think, and hence the way we should interact with them.

The post war generation of the ‘Baby Boomers’ (1943 – 1960) was intent on asset accumulation to retain their lifestyle as they retired.

The ‘X Generation’ (born in the 60s and 70s) is interested more in looking at the position from a future that is very short term, and enjoying the spoils of their labours.

The ‘Y Generation’, that is, those born in the 80s and 90s, are much more interested in excitement, change and all the things that the rapid technological revolution has brought into our world today, and promises to bring into the immediate future.

This makes it much more imperative for us to learn how to go about optimising our recruitment processes and retaining people, by whatever means possible, to maximise our investment in them in training and development. This is doubly important in countries such as Australia, that are facing increasing skills and even labour shortages.

In order to help leaders to more effectively motivate their teams and to provide the level of stimulation that employees need, there must be a simple, easy to use, and practical process available.

This books sets out such a process. In order to be effective, processes must be simple to understand and use. The key elements of the process that we have developed to manage our greatest asset – our people – are:

  • Recruitment
  • Induction
  • Training
  • Appraisals
  • Incentives
  • Retention

This is the RIT-AIR® process.

It is a pity that the Accounting profession is still unable to recognise human capital except as a liability on the balance sheet i.e. provision for Long Service Leave, provision for Leave, provision for Redundancy etc. Nowhere is it recognised in the financial statements of the company that our greatest asset, our people, is actually the core of our business. Even high technology companies cannot operate without people creating new directions, new ideas, generating technological advances and then delivering on those promises.

In Brian’s earlier books, ‘The One Page Business Plan – 1PBP®’ and ‘Implementing The One Page Business Plan – 1PBP®’, he dealt briefly with RIT-AIR®. This book sets out the detailed processes that will assist leaders to manage their greatest asset. As always, simplicity and effectiveness are the key elements.

We hope that this book will provide you with some more tools to help you recruit, retain and ‘enthuse’ your employees to help you, the business owner or team leader, get from ‘Where you are now’ to ‘Where you want to be’.

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