About Brian Birley

FAICD, FAIM, MIMC‐CMC, Member NSAA Chair for The Executive Connection

Brian Birley is a highly respected business management, strategic change management and executive mentoring professional, with more than 30 years’ experience from large international corporations through to family owned operations.

Working across Africa, Asia and finally Australia, in industries including packaging, Information Technology and automotive, Brian held senior management roles that led to the successful growth and development of major multinational firms.

Brian commenced his career in 1969, taking a trainee position with Metal Box Central Africa, a multinational packaging products manufacturing group, where he steadily climbed the corporate ladder to hold titles including Manufacturing Director and Deputy Managing Director, before being transferred to Thailand as Managing Director in 1980.

After four years directing Metal Box Thailand, Brian moved his family to Australia, where he joined Gadsden Packaging as Manager of Strategic Planning. Brian again grew his knowledge and position within the firm, and was appointed to the position of General Manager, Packaging Division Southern Region, in January 1985.

Seeking a challenge and change of direction after 17 years in packaging, and at a time of company takeover by South Australian Brewing, Brian resigned to form his own business, P.A.C.E. Corporation Pty Ltd, in 1986. In its first incarnation, P.A.C.E. centred on providing export development and management consultancy services to the packaging industry, specialising in international logistics.

However, Brian’s time in company management was not yet over when he accepted an invitation to join NCR Australia, an Information Technology, transaction data and systems leader, as General Manager of OCC Marketing. Following NCR, in 1992 Brian commenced a two–year stint with MITS Ltd, an information service provider, as General Manager of Spatial Systems Group, which led to the eventual added responsibility of managing the MITS Communications Services Group. Well equipped with a diverse toolbox of skills and management experience, Brian felt it time to further expand and challenge his abilities, taking on the role of General Manager for the privately owned customised moulding and tool making firm, DMG Industries Pty Ltd.

Heavily entrenched within the automotive industry, DMG is a first tier and showcase supplier to Toyota Australia. This period further broadened Brian’s already diverse business management skills, while defining his Human Capital Management (HCM) abilities and fine‐tuning strategic business operations. In
1994, Brian turned his interest towards the community, forming The Committee for Greater Dandenong, as its inaugural Chairman.

Finally, in 1996, Brian accepted a position as Managing Director with family owned business, Mullins Wheels, a leading manufacturer of wheels and other automotive accessories, headquartered in Adelaide. In 1997, Brian re‐formed P.A.C.E. Corporation Pty Ltd, finally ready to lend his considerable and highly developed experience in senior management to those willing and ready to learn.

His in‐depth experience has established Brian a solid reputation in strategic business management, an experience he has developed and formulated to aid new, established and growing companies in order to improve operations and productivity to better achieve their business goals and manage strategic outcomes.

Brian’s success in running high‐performing businesses across three continents, and four industries over three decades, provided the foundation for his first three business books:

  • The One Page Business Plan (1PBP®)
  • Implementing the One Page Business Plan (1PBP®)
  • Human Capital Management

These three books focus on Brian’s successful approach to improving and maintaining good business management practice, which comprise four primary principles:

  • Focus
  • Clarity
  • Brevity
  • Passion