The One Page Business Plan® Bundle


In this bundle you get the digital edition of The One Page Business Plan® as well as the quick start worksheets and strategy documents.

The Bundle Includes:

  1. The One Page Business Plan®
  2. Quick Start Worksheets and Strategy Documents


About the book

In this bundle you get the digital edition of The One Page Business Plan® as well as the quick start worksheets and strategy documents.

The Bundle Includes:

About The One Page Business Plan®

The primary objective of this book is to provide Small to Medium Enterprise companies – SMEs – with an “end-to-end” Strategic Business Planning process.

The author, Brian Birley, has developed and implemented a unique, high level, simple and effective process. This process, based on the author’s more than thirty years of senior management experience, enables Small to Medium Enterprises to manage, own and delegate the key strategic direction and major leadership objectives for the company.

Brian has devised a Strategic Business Plan using the 1PBP®, which builds the company’s Vision (Strategic Intent statement) into a practical and manageable program. Strategic Business Planning using the 1PBP® is the key link between the Vision and the Integrated Balanced Scorecard (IBSCTM). Brian has evolved a unique Integrated Balanced Scorecard (IBSCTM) to suit the small to medium business sector. He has researched the many versions and forms of the Integrated Balanced Scorecard (IBSCTM) that have been in use since the 1900’s, and believes that they fail to combine four particular elements:

  1. People as a major focus (human capital – our most important intangible asset)
  2. The concept of the business as a “continuum” (not a twelve month accounting period)
  3. A longer term horizon (three years) iv. The allocation of ownership of each objective in the
  4. Integrated Balanced Scorecard (IBSCTM)

His adaptation includes a human capital (people) perspective, and five (not four) quarterly planning cycles.

The five objective categories in the Integrated Balanced Scorecard (IBSCTM) are:

  1. Customers
  2. Internal Processes
  3. People (Human Capital Management – HCM)
  4. Products and Services
  5. Financial

The aims of the Strategic Business Planning process are:

  1. To provide a clear focus for the future through the 1PBP® process
  2. To achieve ownership of the program from the key team
  3. To have the ability to distribute the load
  4. To achieve commitment from the leadership team

This third edition includes updates, a new chapter on Values, an enhanced One Page Business Plan (1PBP®) and a new case study.

Strategic Business Planning should be Powerful enough to be effective Simple enough to be owned and used.

This book will change the way you run your business, and will help you to achieve sustainable profitability in a rapidly changing business environment.

About the Quick Start Worksheets and Strategy Documents

Get your One Page Business Plan® Implemented faster with these worksheets. In this package you get:

  • 1PBP® Workbook
  • Quick Start Business Planning

How do these worksheets help you go further, faster?

Save time by starting with these pre-formatted strategy and worksheet documents and start implementing your vision sooner.

These quick planning worksheets are also available in a bundle with the digital edition of The One Page Business Plan®.


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