Why do I need a business plan?

A business plan provides a roadmap for success

A well thought out, focused and concise business plan will be your most valuable tool to help you reach your vision, your aspirations and your goals.

A business plan gives you control of your business

Business planning is often seen as a waste of valuable, scarce time resources. It has gained the reputation of being a lengthy process and can seem overwhelming and time-consuming.
We are in the second decade of the 21st Century, and the rate of change is accelerating. We don’t have time for lengthy and time consuming planning processes.

Strategy and Tactics

Strategic planning is future think – it focuses on outcomes.
Tactics are the actions we take to reach our objectives, our outcomes.

It’s important to have a business plan, but it’s useless unless you keep it up to date.

A business plan is not a one off exercise. It is not something that you do because you think you should, and then give a sigh of relief and file it away. Visions and aspirations are not chipped in stone – they are living things and not a document you create once and store in your bottom drawer You need to have a disciplined way of keeping your strategy and tactics on track and adjusting to the rapidly changing world in which we live.

You don’t have to start with a blank sheet of paper

To write an effective business plan you’ll need discipline. Help is at hand.

To help you prepare an effective focused business plan I have developed and refined over, since the turn of the century, a simple One Page Business Plan process which is used by many businesses operating in many industries and sectors. This enables you to create an effective Strategic Plan and focused implementation is one day of concentrated effort. It is based on Pareto’s principle – 20% of the time to achieve 80% of the desired outcomes.

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